Saturday, July 08, 2006

See H1 Run, Run H1 Run

Today my programmer friend and I had the task of replacing all the headings (which used a custom style) with customized H1s and H2s, on the PrestoSoft site. Now, HNs (as they're officially called) are tricky little beasts - they always screw up the table cell they're in. Nothing seems to fix this, neither valign nor margin nor spacing. We were trying different things for perhaps an hour, until we found a very simple solution on the macromedia.dreamweaver newsgroup: Add the following to your stylesheet:

padding: 0 0 0 0;

Turns out the problem was with padding all along! Who'd've guessed?

And if you ask, "What's the point of using H1s and H2s anyway, when you can make your own styles?", it is believed that Google's algorithm (no one knows for sure - it's Google's secret), as well as those of other search engines, places a higher priority on text inside H1,H2,...,H6 tags. It's kinda weird, but that's (supposedly) how Google thinks it's get the most relevant content. Personally, I think that it's useless, and makes life harder for us web designers...

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