Monday, July 03, 2006

LF2.5: Networking Issues

I didn't work on LF2.5 too much today, but what I did work on is Network Games.

There were two problems:

1. Connection issues, usually caused by private domains. To fix this, one must get a public IP address (using Hamachi will give you a public address)

2. Synchronization issues, which were very common. I couldn't find any fix other than to reinstall the game (which only takes about a minute, so it's not much of a problem).

In addition, Bob has playtested the game (partly by playing network games with me), and I'm working to use his comments. Most importantly, I like his idea of taking out the duplicate LF2 characters entirely and replacing them with CE characters, since CE characters retain all the abilities of LF2 characters.

Down to 82 objects now, after removing the last of the LF3 characters (guess LF3 wasn't such a great mod after all), and following Bob's suggestion, I think I won't be pressed for space any time soon! =)

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Anonymous said...

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e como liberar todos os pesonagens
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