Saturday, July 01, 2006

LF 2.5 Modding: Days 3-5

On Day 3, I ran into my first obstacle: LF2 only supports 100 objects (data files), and I had gone over. I then spent the next few days optimizing the game: removing all unnecessary characters and objects. I am now down to 92 objects, a safe number. To get there I had to remove several characters: I took out almost all the LF3 characters, leaving only LF3 Firen and LF3 Freeze. The reason for this is that the rest of the characters were just graphical changes, without actually changing the code.

When I first made LF 2.5 a year ago, I meant it to be a combination of LF2 and LF3 (a popular mod at the time). However, I have now realized that it is downright stupid to just restrict myself to this, and now I have a new goal in mind - to make this game as fun as I possibly can! If I have to remove some (or maybe even all, in the end) LF3 characters, then so be it.

However, I still managed to get some work done. I have added a new character, Electro, made by Marshall, the same guy who compiled LF2 CE. He works fine, but the only problem is that he takes up a whopping seven data files! In the end, I may have to remove him because of this. I don't want to, but I may have no choice.

In the above screenshot, Electro shows off his Julian-esque D^J combo.

I also added a little known mod called Gun-LF2. I know what you're thinking - Little Fighter with guns???? However, I can assure you that the game is still well balanced. In addition, now there's several ways to kill an enemy: 1) With your fists and close-range weapons, 2) Using your combos, 3) Shooting him to death, or 4) Using an explosive crate. Although there were explosive crates earlier, there are many more ways to use them now - for example, you can throw an explosive crate at your enemy, then pick up a shotgun, shoot the crate, and watch it go nuclear! ^_^ Hopefully, this wide array of ways to dispatch an enemy will make LF 2.5 more fun!

Finally, I added a new map, Bunker, which looks especially nice with guns - see the above screenshot.

One more thing I have to add: ENGLAND LOST????? >.<


Bob said...

Wow looking good, can't wait till your new version is out. BTW, I think England should've won too.

mike.kazuma said...

hello, i'm having a problem on LF 2.5, I acn't use electro why, I love this guy he's awsome,

please let me know A.S.A.P.

greetings Mike

Alex said...

From the LF2 FAQ (

Q: Where can I find LF3 characters / Mario / Electro?
A: All of these characters were removed in v2.0 (except Electro, who was never added). The reason: there are only 100 slots of data allowed in LF2 for characters, powers, and weapons, and I had to remove some old characters to add new characters. Trust me: the characters I removed were all pretty bad...

BERVYN said...

how do u get electro?