Tuesday, July 11, 2006

LF2.5: Racing Towards a Release

I am almost done with LF2.5. Over the past few days I have skinned, hacked, and modified every aspect of the game.

However, I still have a few things on my agenda:

- Figure out which extra (non LF2/CE) characters to add. There are currently 20 open slots and I want to fill them with the best characters possible.
- Work a little on backgrounds and items.
- Edit the stages. I'm working on making two stages of my own: a 1-vs-1 Mortal Kombat style stage, and a medieval stage with knights and dragons.
- Skin it up a little more. Some aspects of the game do not look so good.
- Rewrite the readme. I want to be especially careful to give credits to everyone who contributed characters/items/backgrounds/skins/support.
- Test, test, test.

Basically, I want the game to be perfect. And now, ladies and gentlemen, I am giving a release date!! I don't want to rush, but I don't want this to take up my whole summer either, so the date I am giving is JULY 25. Mark your calendars! =)

And lemme post some pics of how the game's going:

The new skin (courtesy of LF2 NS)

Stickman's hair (courtesy of his buddy Electro)

Uhhhh what?


Bob said...

My calendar has been marked.

By the way, Zeus would be a good character to add. Just that you need to add mana costs to his moves.

Alex said...

here's my current list of possible chars:

New Chars
Electro (8)
Zeus* (7)
Jake (4)
Tera (4)
Nieo* (4)

Modified Chars
Dark (3)

For Fun
Stickman (1)
Dao (4)
Anakin (3)

BanditZ (KnightPack) (1)
DragonKnight (2)

* - modify (0 MP attacks)

Open Slots: 20-22

The problem with Zeus is that I have to modify not 1, but 5 of his attacks, so that's a lot of work on my end. Plus, he takes up a whopping 7 slots. Is it worth it?

C. B. Rot said...

Why do I not understand any of your posts? Is this some language that only higher forms of life can read and comprehend?

Alex said...

Possibly... ;)

satish said...

it was a super game but when the game was created as the adventures game it will be wonderful and super

Anonymous said...

how do you put the new characters in the game

Anonymous said...

how do you insert the characters into the game

Alex said...

All characters should come with readmes - simply copy the files into your LF2 or LF2.5 directory and follow the instructions on the readme, which will involve modifying the data/data.txt file. Keep in mind LF2.5 uses 100% of available data slots, so for every data row that you add, you will have to remove one.