Sunday, July 02, 2006

LF2.5 Day Seven - The Boring Stuff

Now that I have just about everything done with LF2.5, I only need to do a few more things:

1. Add the rest of LF2 CE (still waiting for Marshall to finish this one).
2. Perhaps a few more characters and backgrounds.
3. Rewrite the readme.
4. Playtesting, playtesting, playtesting!
5. Fix all the bugs discovered by #4.

Today I worked on #3, #4, and yes, even a little of #5.

Still waiting for Marshall...


Alex said...

I have just sent my nearly-finished product to my official playtester: Bob.

Waiting for his opinion...

Please contact me if you too want a copy! =)

Bob said...


-The knight can use a gun? 0.o
-LF3_FirenEX should be removed, as well as all the chars that have a CE version (John, Deep, Henry, Rudolf, Firen, Freeze, Firzen, Dennis, Woody, Davis) when you add them.

That's all for now.