Monday, June 19, 2006

Was Taking Four Honors/AP Classes Really a Good Idea??

[12:20] dasooopnazi: you know what's *not* funny?
[12:20] dasooopnazi: "Good luck and have fun, after all, this is HISTORY!"
[12:20] dasooopnazi: from the AP euro summer work page
[12:21] dasooopnazi: i feel like crying >.< [12:21] MCFienb: haha
[12:21] MCFienb: glad I didn't take that class

Looking over the summer work for the four AP/Honors classes I'm taking next year, I did some calculations, and found:

AP Euro: about 72 hours of work
AP Bio: about 48 hours
Honors English: about 24 hours
AP Stat: about 0 hours (no summer work)

That's 144 hours of work - six days of continuous work. Now, there are about, what, 70 days left of summer? I have to work two hours a day, every day, for the rest of summer!

Well, I gotta run - summer work awaits! :-(


calcrush said...

Dude, you should not have taken Euro. It's like the hardest class in the history of our school.

Alex said...

Why I took Euro:

1. A challenge
2. Eligible for the Europe Trip in my senior year
3. Eligible for valedictorian
4. Peer pressure (no, seriously - there's peer pressure to take AP classes here!)

pAPTAIN-pAY said...

Thats way too much work for me! tHE GOOD PART IS THE TRIP>

Alex said...

The Europe Trip is pretty awesome. It's like 3 weeks long, and we go all over Europe! =)