Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Reflections on the 2005 - 2006 School Year

I think it's time I write down my thoughts about my freshman year, which ended about a week ago. Here goes:

Honors Global Science (Mr. K) - I have very strong emotions about this class, all of them negative, and all concerning the teacher. Quite frankly, he has no idea what he's teaching us - he feeds us wrong information and denies it, he has an average of 5 mistakes on each test (which definitely affects one's grade), and whenever there's any problem of any kind, whether the tests were graded incorrectly or his worksheets are covered in typos, he always puts the blame on his "aide". None of us have ever seen his aide, and he or she may not even exist. I heard that Mr. K may be teaching AP Biology next year. If so, I will seriously consider dropping the class. I would do anything to avoid having him again...

English I (Mrs. B) - I was never a big fan of english, so I did not immensely enjoy this class. However, I did manage to stumble through. I imagine Honors English next year to be a different story. Our teacher was decent, but spent an inordinate amount of time "checking her email". Countless periods were wasted just because she said, "Can you just do your work for five minutes while I check my email?" and then came back no less than an hour later.

AP Calculus AB (Mrs. V) - This was the hardest math class, and the first AP class of any kind, that I ever took, so this was an interesting experience for me. In my opinion, calculus is an interesting topic, second only to combinatorics in terms of my favorite branch of mathematics. Our teacher was fine, but tended to laugh at her students (especially me - I was the only freshman in a primarily senior class). I remember one time we were taking a rather difficult free response test and Mrs. V let us draw pictures or write poems instead of answering problems we couldn't get (I still did all the problems - even calculus comes easier to me than art or *ugh* writing).

Spanish I (Senora B) - Our teacher taught us nothing. Everything we learned we learned from the textbook. 90% of the time was spent either taking ridiculously easy tests or playing pointless 3rd-grade-level games that had nothing whatsoever to do with Spanish. Also, she was nearly deaf - you can imagine what the class was like ...

World Geography (Ms. G) - This was probably my favorite class. I am interested in both geography and history, and this makes me better suited to take Euro AP than others. I am already held in high regard by my friends for my ability to read two consecutive chapters in the Euro book without falling asleep. :p

Health (Mr. P) - This was a pretty boring class, but Mr. P made it funny. The highlight of the year was his famous (dare i say award-winning?) puppet show, featuring the lovable Mr. Hippo and Ms. Alligator demonstrating the properties of body metabolism.

PE I (Coach B and Coach P) - PE. 'Nuff said. =(

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