Monday, June 26, 2006

LF 2.5 Modding, Day One

After working on the PrestoSoft site, and doing a bit of Euro work, I decided to see what I can do with Little Fighter (note that it is now going to be called Little Fighter, not Little Fighters, Little Fighter being the correct name) 2.5.

The first thing I did was remove some characters. With Bob's help (Bob is my playtester =) ) I managed to find the ten least used characters (duplicates for the most part), and removed them. The reason for this is that the original LF2.5 had an overwhelming array of characters, and this way I'll be able to add some more characters without overcomplicating the game. Some characters removed included LF2_Template (accidentaly inserted twice in the last version), LF3_Louis (a carbon copy of LF2_Louis), and LF3_VanderTower (a very screwed-up character to say the least, his only moves involved committing suicide apparently).

I then proceeded to add a few characters. I'll start by adding all (or at least most) of the characters in LF2 CE, as I mentioned in a previous entry. Today I started by adding CE_John and CE_Deep, the first two characters in LF2 CE. I haven't modded LF2 for over a year, so I have forgotten how to use the Data Changer for the most part, and it took me a while to fix some simple bugs, but I finally got both characters to work perfectly.

CE_John demonstrates his new Electro Zap move

CE_Deep uses a Sword Demon to knock Freeze back a fair distance

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