Sunday, June 18, 2006

Blogging + Modding = Blog Mod!

I had a bit of free time today, so I decided to add a link to this blog to PodDonkey. Then I thought, "No, I can do better," and so decided to add a new feature for PodDonkey forum users: a link to their blog in their profile. Easy, right?

Two hours later: Nothing works. I go through every file, find a handful of errors, upload again. Still nothing.

One hour after that: Finally figured out the problem: I copied and pasted a chunk of code between four files, thinking that it will work in all four files. However, closer inspection revealed that the four files all have different names for the same function: $row[], $privmsg[], $profiledata[], and $postrow[], and simple copy-and-pasting just won't cut it. I fixed the code, uploaded, and it works like a charm!

<-- The circled button, of course, links to this blog. Although I have installed many forum mods in the past, this is the first mod that I coded from scratch. Who knows - if public response is positive, maybe I'll try to submit it to the phpBB database!

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