Tuesday, July 24, 2007

TI-89 Long Division Program

Today I had to find the first 50 digits of 1/95. With all our modern technology, it should be easy to find, right? Unfortunately, the Windows calculator cuts off at 36 digits, and my sophisticated TI-89 cuts off all operations after a measly 16 digits.

The solution? I wrote me own long division program:

While t>d
if s=0 and x>n then

This program accepts three parameters: n, x, and t. It divides n by x and outputs the first t digits into the variable res (for result :P).

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why I Don't Use MySpace

This link is for a certain friend of mine, who I hope is reading this:

The End of MySpace

I would have written a mini-essay myself, but fortunately I found this one, which covers the same points that I would have used in an anti-MySpace debate.

Woo! I can drive!

Well ... sort of. I just got a drivers' permit, which, while not yet a license, is still a remarkable accomplishment given my laziness (it took me nearly half a year to finally complete my mandatory 50 hours of driving education).

In other news, AP results are in, and I got all 5s (on Euro, Bio, Stats)! =) And I thought I'd get a 4 on Bio for sure...

Sunday, July 08, 2007


It's funny, I thought that I'd post here a lot more come summer, but in reality there's not much to write about. I'm actually glad that I'm volunteering at the library, because at least it gives me something to do, even if I'm playing more than I'm working there, heh.

There's a lot less summer work this year than last year, but I've still barely started. Out of six US History chapters and two English books, I've read ... one History chapter. I'd better pick up the pace, or I'll get stuck with a ridiculous workload in the last week of summer, just like last year ... ahh the memories ...

I just saw The Phantom Riders live, a great instrumental band. If you live in Southern California, you should check 'em out - they play in Hollywood often.

I haven't done much of my own stuff so far this summer, but I'll post if I make anything new. A new version of Little Fighter 2.5 is certainly possible, as is *but don't take my word for it* an online version of European Chess (once I figure out why Flash keeps crashing on my computer >.<).

Finally, some cool links for those of you with some free time:
*LibraryThing - Can't believe I haven't heard of this site earlier. Now I no longer have to wonder about what to read next. Kudos to AP for telling me about this one!
*BattleMaster - Best online game ever, period. Or not quite an online game? Frankly, I don't know what it can be classified under, but it's amazing. Just try it and you'll see why.
*Tactics Arena Online and SlimeAthlete - Where we library volunteers go to pass the time in between Axis and Allies games.