Sunday, February 04, 2007

End of Semester One

Semester One report cards have been sent, and Semester Two has formally begun. Some reflections (compare to my first quarter reflections):

AP Statistics - B. I started the year horribly, because I missed quite a few big homework assignments, but I managed to bring it up to a B thanks to high test scores.

AP European History - A-. Miraculously, I have kept my A in what is considered to be the hardest class in our school.

Spanish II - A-. 200 extra credit points helped me out a lot in this class.

AP Biology - B. I had an borderline A first quarter, but then I did poorly on some tests, and had an 86% near the end of the semester. By some calculations, I needed exactly 100% (200/200 points) on the final to get an A in the class. We took the essay final a week before the multiple choice final, and I did not get 100% on it. Knowing that your grade will be the same no matter what you do is a great feeling though, a feeling that I had for all of about three days... ^_^

Honors English II - B+. I kept track of my grades all semester, and by all accounts I should have an A. But I don't.

PE II - B. Eh. P.E.

Now that finals are over, I do have more free time, but unfortunately, the AMC is coming up (we're only having one this year ... @#$%^@#$% High School Exit Exam interfered with the AMC A), so I gotz ta study for that. I did start work on me new site, but again, AMC means I don't have a timetable for its completion.

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