Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sometimes You Can't Trust Anyone (or Why I'm Going to Bed at Midnight on a Sunday)

me: ok so get this
1 PM
my friend and i have a huge outline to do
we split the work
i do parts 1,2,3
he does 4,5
5 PM
i'm done
he's like "one more hour"
11 PM
"Alex, I need help"
Bob: lol
me: kinda makes me: lose faith in people
Bob: your friend sounds like me
me: i don't think he'll consider it a complime:nt
Bob: probably not
me: and now
i'm screwed
he's screwed too
but that's his fault
Bob: yeah
next time: you know
can't trust him
me: can't trust anyone
Bob: you can trust me
wait no
no you cant
me: hell no
Bob: what am i saying
i'm screwed too

And that explains that.

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